Properties, performance and security

Properties, performance and security

Protan technical textiles have a wide range of applications.

Protan PVC-coated textiles are manufactured in many qualities, but we also use our experience and competence to develop unique solutions in close collaboration with our clients.



Weight is a good indication of how easy a cover is to handle, both on a roll and when working with it. In our experience, many clients use weight per square metre as an indicator of strength and durability. However, strength and durability are influenced by other factors, such as the structure of the textile, the amount of PVC coating, and subsequent surface treatment. It is therefore wise to check various parameters when considering strength and durability.


Due to manufacturing methods, most coated textiles will have different strength properties longitudinally and transversely. In addition, we distinguish between tensile strength in a specific direction and tear strength in the same direction. Strength properties will vary depending on what type of threads the textile is made from and how these are combined. We thus normally assign four different values that each indicate the strength of a cover when subject to a certain stress: longitudinal tensile strength and tear strength, as well as corresponding tranverse strengths.


Protan coated textiles come in standard colours, depending on quality and use. The most popular all-round coated textiles can often be ordered in special colours from Protan’s colour catalogue. With large volumes, clients can choose colours themselves.


As part of the manufacturing process, all coated textiles are first produced unlacquered. When clients request a quality, to safeguard against certain stresses, the cover will undergo one or more extra steps in the manufacturing process. The end result will be both acrylic lacquer and/or PVDF lacquer as respectively single- or double-sided solutions.

Fire retardant

Fire retardance is an extremely important property for a number of applications; for example, halls and tents. Chemicals are added during the manufacturing process to make the coated textiles more resistance in the event of it being exposed to fire or heat.

Durability/ UV+

Substances that prevent degradation due to UV radiation can be added during production to ensure the durability of products to be used in strong sunlight,. This is important for halls, and coated textiles that will be used on roofs, for example.

Light/IR blocking

Some applications require light to be prevented from being visible through the coated textile. In some cases, this will be from the outside in and, in others, from the inside out. Tents to be used by soldiers, for example, should block the light from both inside and out. For a welding tent, it is important to block the welding light inside from being visible from the outside.

Damp proof

Coated textiles with one- or two-sided damp proof quality can be used in halls or installations subject to humidity, such as swimming halls.


Protan technical textiles can provide a watertight layer or lining in many different circumstances. The sky is the limit for the possibilities that their flexibility can offer. Examples of applications include pools, septic tanks, manure bins, and artificial buried fountains or pipelines.

Protan BlueSafe - drinking water approved quality

Protan BlueSafe is a series of innovative and fully recyclable PVC coated textiles that will, among other things, help the aquaculture industry to solve many types of environmental challenges. Protan BlueSafe products meet the ocean industries’ requirements for sustainability, biosecurity and food safety. BlueSafe does not emit microplastics, is specially developed for use with salt water, and is approved for drinking water storage.


Jan Børge Harsvik - Sales Manager – Technical Textiles

Jan Børge Harsvik

Sales Manager – Technical Textiles
Technical textilien -

Technical textilien

Complete halls

Complete halls

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