Single/Double Barrier System

Single/Double Barrier System - Mined Tunnel

Protan delivers waterproofing systems for both Single and Double Barrier applications.

Single Barrier System is for hydrostatic water pressure conditions including compartments and injection possibilities. Double Barrier System is also designed to withstand hydrostatic water pressure and combines a test and injection system.

The system consists of two tunnel membrane layers:

  1. First layer being the main membrane, maximum 4mm thick.
  2. Second layer, a 2mm membrane is placed on top of the first layer.

To obtain vacuum between the two layers, the second layer membrane is delivered with an embossed surface in contact with the first layer.

Examples of Application:

Road Tunnels

Railway Tunnels


Pressure Galleries

System description:

  1. Protan Disc
  2. Protan Protect (Protection Sheet)
  3. Protan Waterbar
  4. Protan Inject (Injection hose)
  5. In-Situ concrete
  6. Protan InfraPlan Tunnel Membrane
  7. Protan Geo (Geotextile)
  8. Shotcrete

Protan recommends to use InfraPlan P32+ for the Single Barrier System for hydrostatic pressure.

For Double Barrier Systems, Protan recommends to use InfraPlan P32+ on the first layer and an embossed InfraPlan P20 as a second layer.


Jan Børge Harsvik - Key Account Manager Aquaculture

Jan Børge Harsvik

Key Account Manager Aquaculture
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