Cut and Cover, Cross-Passages, Portals and Culverts

In addition to Mined Tunnels, Protan can deliver full waterproofing systems for a wide range of applications for underground structures.

Cut and Cover – Umbrella System

For umbrella systems, a loose laid system for evacuation of water in tunnels with compartments, Protan recommends the following system:

  1. Protan InfraPlan Tunnel Membrane
  2. Protan Disc
  3. Protan Geo (Geotextile)

Due to its remarkable properties against groundwater and chemicals, Protan InfraPlan is a safe choice to ensure longevity of the waterproofing of drained systems.

Cut and Cover – Barrier System

For pressurized water conditions with compartments and injection system, Protan recommends the following system:

  1. Protan InfraPlan Tunnel Membrane
  2. Protan Disc
  3. Protan Protect (Protection Sheet)
  4. Protan Inject (Injection Hose)
  5. Protan Geo (Geotextile)
  6. Protan Waterbars or Protan Seal Tape

Protan InfraPlan membranes will provide a robust and durable system to withstand hydrostatic pressure in tunnels with barrier protection.


Protan offers high performance solutions for waterproofing of cross-passages between parallel tunnels or as transition within sections.

Our PVC sealing tape Protan Seal Tape is designed to ensure continuity of the protection system, by keeping the same level of robustness along the structure and is a perfect fit for cross-passages applications.

Portal and Culverts

Root and microbiological resistance, stability and of course watertightness, are among the properties that make Protan InfraPlan membranes also an asset for portals and culverts.

Protan recommends use of InfraPlan P20/P22 for this type of applications as it combines all required characteristics while contributing to easy handling and installation.

Other systems and waterproofing solutions are also available, Protan will assist you to find the most suitable system for your project.


Jan Børge Harsvik - Key Account Manager Aquaculture

Jan Børge Harsvik

Key Account Manager Aquaculture
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